Growing fruit is also a science

Valtellina PGI Apples are distinguished by their particularly pronounced colour and flavour, compact flesh and long shelf life.

The Protected Geographical Indication for Valtellina Apples is reserved for fruit from apple orchards grown in the delimited area and consisting of the following varieties and their clones:

Mele di Valtellina IGP a spicchi
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The reputation of the Valtellina PGI Apple dates back to the post-World War II period, when apple-growing experienced such an upswing that the agricultural system and local agricultural landscape underwent significant changes. The commitment of a few pioneers also infected other farmers with enthusiasm, convincing them to focus decisively on specialised apple-growing.

This is how the cooperatives of farmers came into being which, with the scientific collaboration of university institutes specialised in apple-growing, participated in defining the “apple-tree system” in Valtellina, contributing to consolidating the physiognomy of modern fruit growing in Valtellina, also through the many marketing campaigns conducted over the years.